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SABCS 2014 - Adjuvant chemotherapy

NSABP-B36: Adjuvant FEC100 x6 vs AC x4 in Node Negative BC
After 82 months, there is no difference in DFS in both arms. Slightly more toxicity with FEC100. Conclusion: No need for 6 cycles of anthracyclines in node-negative disease.

ECOG 1199: How to give adjuvant taxanes in the adjuvant setting (the four arm trial)
Node-positive or high-risk node-negative BC patients received adjuvant AC and were randomized to one of four arms: paclitaxel every three weeks (control), paclitaxel every week, docetaxel every three weeks and docetaxel every week. Several years ago, it was reported that weekly paclitaxel and docetaxel every three weeks had superior DFS compared to the control arm. After 12 years, the results hold. There appear to be some refinements: 1. Obesity and black ethnicity are associated with decreased OS, 2. Weekly paclitaxel is associated with increased DFS and OS in TNBC with a HR of 0.69 (p<0 .05="" a="" i="" in="">post-hoc
analysis (the 10-year DFS went from 59% to 69% and the OS from 66% to 75%). 3. Docetaxel every three weeks appears slightly superior in DFS (but no OS) with a HR of 0.76 in ER+/HER2-/Unknown patients.

ICE: Adjuvant Ibandronate and Capecitabine in 65+ years High-Risk BC and with High Charlson Co-morbidity score
Negative trial.

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